Chinese students studying in the U.S. have returned to the U.S. since the beginning of the school season, with some reflecting that many students have been checked on mobile phone communications records at customs, and others have been sent home because they have been found to have bad records.


According to sources familiar with the matter, uc riverside freshmen a, when customs entered the u.s., its mobile phone wechat checked \"on behalf of the test\" chat record, was returned to the country. Small A entered the customs on the same day, first was taken to the so-called \"small black house\" further investigation.



Because WeChat chat record is quite many, small A recalls, the customs officer uses the keyword search method to look for, for example enters \"substitute class \",\" substitute examination\" and so on keyword. A, who was sent back to Beijing, said she had contacted the school to see how to deal with the follow-up. The school said it would reply to her within a week.


While A was at a loss, she learned that another friend of hers, a student at the UCLA in Los Angeles, had also been sent home. It turned out that the friend was also asked to check the mobile phone when he returned to customs at the beginning of school, and was returned to the country after wechat chat records were found out about his history of buying marijuana. Little A told his friend that she remembered that there was only one customs officer who knew Chinese. More than half of her friends had been taken to the little black house to check cell phone records.


Immigration lawyer Xu Junliang said there are generally two legal reasons for being deported at customs, one is to ban entry and the other is to accelerate deportation. The first is less serious and is the denial of entry without violating the facts, such as the high number of visits to the United States and the refusal of staff members to re-enter. The second type of accelerated deportation is more serious. The two situations mentioned above are big trouble. If marijuana is legal in California, it is still illegal in the Federation and customs are federal agencies, so is the purchase of marijuana. There was a case of a person who failed in naturalization because he worked in a medical marijuana store.


Xu added that the above situation should be that the party was immediately cancelled visa, customs will give the party a note stating the reasons for deportation. and will share this information with the Immigration Department. Even if the parties issue a new I-20 through school negotiation, it will be difficult to apply for a visa at the consulate.


What are the rights and interests of foreign students and other people entering the United States? If checked at customs, mr. xu says, the client has no right to seek counsel to defend his interests because he is not yet in the united states. However, the law also restricts the rights of customs officers, if the parties insist not to show the customs mobile phone, customs officers have no evidence to prove that the party violated the immigration law.


A client with a green card, for example, often operates outside the United States, but also spends at least half of the year in the United States. Once brought into the \"little black house\" when he entered the customs, customs officers wanted to persuade him to give up the green card, but the gentleman insisted on not giving up the green card, so back and forth, customs officers changed several people want to persuade him, both sides spent most of the day, finally let the gentleman enter.


Lawyers Liu Longzhu said the public did have the right not to show the customs mobile phone, but the customs may also refuse to enter the country for this purpose. In the face of the case of being checked by the customs for repatriation, Liu Longzhu said that the parties can try to complain. For example, the above-mentioned case of being returned via wechat chat record, because the chat is a word phrase, cannot fully prove that the party did this, unless it was admitted at that time. By transferring the record of the customs dialogue at that time, it can be seen whether the customs has sufficient grounds and evidence to prove that it did. For example, for the \"test on behalf\" of the matter, the parties can be said to be asked for others, their own did not do.


Liu Longzhu said, depending on how the parties said. He had taken over a case of suspected L1 visa fraud and deportation at the customs and was eventually successfully turned over by appeal. He said it would be difficult for students to get a student visa again if they didn't file a complaint. (Wang Ruoran)